The Sweet Science of Advertising – Reviewing “Scientific Advertising” by Claude C. Hopkins

Can advertising be boiled down to a science? Is the conventional wisdom wrong, along with many big ad agencies? Could advertising be more than flashy graphics and clever, but obscure, commercials? Let this advertising legend answer these questions…

Claude C. Hopkins, author of “Scientific Advertising” would emphatically respond “yes” to all three questions above (but maybe not the second question, the conventional wisdom might have been different in 1923, the year “Scientific Advertising” was published)

This book is literally a lost treasure in the world of marketing today. Anyone lucky enough to read it and apply it is like finding flocks of golden egg laying geese!

Hopkins talks about the fundamental principles of advertising, which include honesty, service, offering specific benefits to your specific potential buyers, strategies to gain buyers, measuring ad responses and cost per dollar per sale in great detail, and more.

The few but far reaching principles of advertising he covers are the basis of reasons-why advertising. This form of advertising is rarely used today but still repeatedly proven to bring in more sales that other marketing theories.

My two favorite and eye opening chapters talk about advertising as being good salesmanship in print and the seller bearing the most risk in sale. When Hopkins wrote about writing your ads as a good salesperson would talk to a potential clients; casual, polite, and offering help without being too pushy, I found that to be insightful and profitable 🙂

And bearing the most risk in a sale through money back guarantees, “try before you buy”, and free samples is naturally fundamental in this competitive market, especially if he said it was important in 1923!

But I don’t mean to imply that these two chapters are the most important ones. Each one offers very valuable and far reaching insights.

But hey, what did this guy knew? He ONLY made $185,000.00 a year working in advertising (that’s over $4 million a years in today’s dollars, and without taxes!) His employer made $3 million with him during the great depression. He was only at the top of his game of his time, no reason to listen to him at all… (not!)

Oh, and I have been using his ideas to makes my pockets heavier in additional sales too. A lot heavier! 🙂

Yes, his insights are still as valuable in this day and age as was in his time. Unfortunately over 90% of the marketers out there have no interest in reasons-why advertising, and I can find no reason why… (sucks for them, great for us! ha!)

So you can you use this book and know more about (and reap the benefits of) good marketing than 90-95% of the marketers out there, and that includes your competitors.

With the advent of online advertising that makes direct mail ads virtually free (along with a whole new host of marketing and response rate tools) his principles applied online are more relevant than ever.

This book is your golden flagship for your marketing investments and your additional sales. I don’t know if the book is still in print, but you can download the PDF version at the its site supplied link below

Scientific Advertising

Dig out these advertising secrets , swim circles around your competition, and watch the money pile up… 🙂