Don’t Spend Another Dime On Marketing Before You Answer These 12 Questions

It’s not a good idea to journey without a map. Why not chart out your whole marketing route…

You need have to have a real strategy, plan, and purpose for getting sales from your marketing efforts. Great marketing legends from Claude Hopkins to Jay Abraham have emphasized the importance of real marketing goals & strategies.

By answering the following questions, your marketing goals will become much more clear to you. Make your answers as realistic and as honest as possible…

1- Who would want your product or service?

2- Why would they want it?

3- Who is your ideal customer? (describe in very specific detail)

4- What specific benefits or solutions is your ideal customer looking for?

5- How would your product or service benefit your ideal customer?

6- How can you prove to your ideal customer that your product or service is the real deal?

7- Where can you find your ideal customers?

8- When will your ideal customer be most receptive to your product or service?

9- How will you reach your ideal customer?

10- How can you pull customers away from your competitors and get them to buy from you instead? (i.e. How do you stand out in a way that’s beneficial to your customers?)

11- How much can you spend (in time & money) to get ONE new customer and still be profitable?

12- How will you know, without any guesswork, that each marketing expense is worth its price?

Get these questions down, and you’ll know what to write in your ads to pull your best customers, and whether new marketing investments seem worth it or not.

You might ask “but won’t these answers take lots of time in research?” Yeah, well… get on it then 🙂