How To Get Your Fliers Really Noticed For A Whole Lot Cheaper…

Sometimes, less is more, a lot more…

Ok, so you’ve probably heard about minimalist web design or minimalist advertising.

If not, minimalist advertising literally means just keeping the designs and effects on your ad to as minimal as possible, while putting more emphasis on the point you’re trying to get across.

For prime examples, look at the google or yahoo homepage. See how simple it is? How all the design power is in the logo itself? The message is loud and clear, the design is not. Easy on the eyes, and holds wanted attention.

Nearly all the big successful websites do what they can to adhere to the minimalist design (except art sites and porn sites)

So, take the minimalist principle to making your physical fliers

Make your fliers more simple. Cut out unnecessary pictures. Use a lot of white space (or at least just one one smooth or flowing color for the background). Use one font, or two at most. Use two font colors at most.

Don’t cram all your writing in one place. Leave some white space in between. Keep most of your design graphics on your logo. Let nothing distract viewers from your message.

That way, the buyers will spot you much quicker. It saves money on your printing costs too… sometimes a lot of money if you do it all right.

I worked in distributing flier ads for parties. Our fliers looked cool with all the creative designs, but competitors did the same. After a while, they all began to look to the same. I can see why most people didn’t even bother to look at them.

Sometimes, you can stand out by staying simple.