How To Advertise Lower Prices Effectively

Some ways don’t work very well. Other ways, on the other hand, can make a big difference…

If you want to show your customers you have lower prices than your competitors, don’t say the following:

Low price (your product)

Lowest prices

Affordable prices

What’s wrong with these statements?

They’re all too vague. How much lower? What’s your definition of affordable? Are you sure you’re the lowest?

So what do you write instead?

Tell them how much they’ll save. “Save 10% compared to our biggest competitors” “$5 less than average price”

This is more specific, more honest, and more convincing.

So research your competitors to show exactly how much each person will save on average by going with you. It’ll draw more customers.

Now I know Walmart had “Always low prices, Always” and others have used “Lowest prices guaranteed” to great success, but the difference is that they have promised their claim and therefore ready to back it up. It removes the uncertainty, and they have proven that they’re prices really are lower.

I’m telling you to use the same, honest, “certainty promise” to your business’ advantage, but with research and numbers to back it up as well.

Why not? 🙂