What Moves You To Buy? It Could Be What Moves Others To Buy From You…

Here’s a effective exercise to do when thinking about how to market your products or services…

Think about the last time you bought something you normally didn’t buy. What drove you to buy it? What did you think you would get out of it?

What ads did you see that really caught your interest? You know, the ones that got you to come back and read it a second time, to point where you bought the product?

Was it because you just had to “buy” something at the time? Or did you feel like you needed it to solve a problem you felt you had? When you bought it how did you feel?

Did you get enticed to buy it by a “sales pitch”, or did you really believe that you needed to have the product?

Were you suspicious of the product or service’s promises, or did you feel they were honest?

Ok, got those answers down? Great. Now try this.

Think about the last person that came up to you and try to “sell” you something, even a charity donation. Did you “cave in” to buying by his sales pitch, or did that repel you?

Did you look and examine the actual product or service or were you so memorized by the salesman that you had to buy from him?

What were you looking for when someone tried to sell you?

Take some time with these questions. As you answer them, see where your answers are going. Do they tend to draw you to the conclusion to that the products and services you bought, you honestly believe(d) they could fulfill a want you had, but in a new way, or you just bought them because you were so mesmerized by the salesman?

I would guess more on the former…

If so, you gotta ask yourself, who’s want(s) could my product or services fulfill? What would drive my customers to buy from me?

Proving honesty, superior quality, and specific wants fulfilled? or is the pitch really more important than the product?