A Trait That Must Be Present In Your Ads, Does Your Ad Have It?

Cuz if it  doesn’t, you’re in for a real uphill battle to get responses…

Your ads need to have certain tone running through it. What tone? Well, in a word…


Your ad must have a feel of complete confidence in its benefits and promises. There is a sense of certainty that that your product or service will deliver what it says it will deliver for its customers.

What does confidence mean? I think the best definition is this: When there’s no question or doubt whether something can or can’t be done, you know you just do it or you don’t.

It’s like when you pick up your glass of water in front of you to drink it. You never think anywhere in the back of your mind “oh can I really pick up this glass and drink it?”

This is not the same as arrogance, where you feel a sense of superiority in wisdom or importance over others because of an ability or trait of yours. You have to avoid this like the plague in your ads too (staying honest helps prevent this)

So in your ads, you must write in such a way that when viewers read it, they’ll feel confident about your what your product or service offers. Here are a sample of confidence building tips.

– Writing in an active voice. (as in “she opens the door” and not “the door is opened by her”)

– Writing specific benefits with specific improvements

– Taking the risk with a “money back guarantee” attached, or something similar

– Testimonials

– References to legitimate & authoritative studies on the benefits of your product or service.

Here’s some confidence sapping stuff to avoid.

– Making too general statements (Hottest party of the year, all you need in one package, etc.)

– Making ridiculous claims of benefits that seem “too good” without evidence to back you up.

– To flashy, using unnecessary, extravagant pictures but then only have a claim and contact info.

– Promoting features, but not benefits geared toward your most targeted customer group.

– Too much fine print, and too many disclaimers, like you’re trying to hide something.

There’s alot more points I could make, but I think you get the idea.

Practice writing different ads, examine them, and get a feel for which ads emanates the most confidence in your product or service.

Rest assured, it’ll be fun, and more responsive 🙂