2 Neat Ways To Encourage Word-of-Mouth For Your Products or Services

Most businessmen ignore these simple techniques. Profit from that…

One of the effective ways to get new customers is when your current customers spread knowledge about your product or service to family, friends, and networks and encouraging them to get your product or service, sometimes called viral marketing.

There are 2 ways to encourage this type of marketing among your current customers. See which one suits your type of product or service better:

1. Offering discounts when your customer refers someone to you

2. Offering group discounts (or bulk discounts where you what is offered is clearly for two or more people)

The discount cannot cost you more than 1 new sale would bring you for the strategy to work correctly.

There are more ways to get the word out virally, especially online with social networking sites, but these are the easier ways to start out.

So get to it and enjoy some new customer sales. Oh, and btw, tell a friend 🙂