Applying The Subjective Theory Of Value To Customer Surveys – Part II

Based on the last post, here’s how to apply the subjective value survey to customer surveys…

What about customer satisfaction surveys?

One ordinal value survey may look like this…

Using the list below, please place in order from first to last, what you value most in aspects of our service (place letter only).

a) Employee Courtesy & Service                    1st______

b) Customer Service                                           2nd______

c) Product Quality                                                3rd_______

d) Quality of Environment                               4th_______

e) Speed of line & Service                                 5th_______

f) Employee Availability                                   6th_______

g) Employee Knowledge                                   7th_______

h) Tech Support                                                   8th_______

Using the same list above, please place in order from highest priority to lowest the aspects of our service you want our company to focus/improve on as of now (place letter only).

1st______                             5th_______

2nd______                           6th_______

3rd______                            7th_______

4th______                            8th_______

Please list any other aspects of our service you want the list above to include.




Please place in order from first to last the top 5 aspects of our service that you want our company to focus on, including the aspects you listed.






What other kind of surveys could the subjective/ordinal ranking be applied to? Find out next time 🙂