A Little Ad Distribution Mistake That Nearly Cost Me An Entire Market

Ok, I feel really stupid for this one. Don’t make the same mistake…

A little while back I tried my hand at distributing physical fliers for my business. I printed around a hundred copies of my ad and placed the folded ads on cars with my headline showing.

My target was college kids, so I put fliers on cars parked at and around their campus and nearby apartments. It was easy when I got these rules down: Walk casual and don’t act like people are watching you.

Trying to be clever, I put the ads on cars at night. I was able to finish off all the ads. I felt good getting all those cars.

Then, on my way home, I realized I made a terrible mistake. It was too late to change it by then…

I put the fliers on later on at night. Most people would not have gone to their to see the flier until morning. Where I live, it gets damp at night and cars left outside are completely fogged up till morning.

That meant my fliers were completely damp and ruined by the time most people would see them!

The add was on plain paper. Maybe ink could smear their windshields. I know I wouldn’t like that, and I’d make a mental note of the jerk’s flier. That might have really damaged my reputation in that area!

Oh, and by the way, I got NO responses from that distribution. 😦

I’m still shaking my head…what the hell was I thinking?!

Don’t make the same mistake. Mind your surroundings. Keep in mind where and when you’re placing your fliers, and when your targets are going to see them.

Especially keep in mind weather conditions or other things that could damage your fliers.

This mistake can cost you big! Don’t be reckless like I was. Plan ahead and avoid it.