What My Color Contacts Taught Me About Advertising

Here’s a little lesson I learned that can save you lots of time and bring you a lots of money…

I tend to get compliments on my blue contacts. “Are those real?” “They look really good” are what I hear most.

I’ve worn them for years, but people still notice.

Hey I’m not complaining, I mean, what man wouldn’t want women coming up to tell him he has beautiful eyes?

For a while I couldn’t figure out why this kept going on. After a couple years I was getting bored with them. But when I changed the color, no one noticed or even looked faintly pleased, even though I thought they looked good.

Apparently it wasn’t as popular, because when I changed back to blue, the compliments came back.

So I figured, ehh well if I buy these blue contacts in bulk, I can save some money and please people on autopilot. Win-win.

Now how this relate to advertising? Simple…

If you find your ad is pulling in a lot of responses, then keep posting it, even after you yourself are bored with it.

You see, people are passer-by-ers. Let’s say, out of 100 people you expose your ad to, maybe 10 will notice it, and 3 would read it, and 1-2 would follow up on it. Some days a little more, some days a little less.

But if you expose people to it repeatedly, you’ll increase your odds. If your chances are 1/100 for following, then posting it longer will increase your chances by the number of days its up, 5 days means 5 responses with no additional time costs.

You’ll get a different set of people out of that 100 to notice your ad every day you keep it up.

So it’s a good idea to keep a high-response-rate ad up. It has a tendency to keep on getting good responses, since most people wouldn’t notice it the first time.

I once changed an high response ad to something else just because I was bored, and the new ad didn’t work out well with responses. But when changed it back , the responses came back too. Sometimes I would get responses from that ad I posted months earlier.

So if you find an ad that works, keep using it. Don’t get tempted to change it if you yourself are bored with it.

Only consider changing it if you are sure the ad is no longer getting responses solely due to the ad itself (and not for seasonal markets, saturated demographic, etc.)

I’m still wearing my blue contacts. 🙂