How To Use Your Ordinal Survey Responses To Improve Your Ads, Part II

Ok, lets use the data from last time…

—————————————————1st      2nd     3rd      4th      5th      6th

a) Waiting line                      28       22       17        13        14         6

b) Employee Service           22      17       13        14         6          28

c) Quality of Products         17       13       14         6         28        22

d) Office Environment         13       14        6          28       22       17

e) Competitive Pricing         14        6         28       22       17       13

f) Customer Service Line     6         28        22       17       13        14

Last time, we used a “winner take all” analysis, by just looking at the first place rank numbers for each category. “Waiting Line” won at 28, followed by “Employee Service” at 22, and so on and so on…

a) Waiting line                      28

b) Employee Service           22

c) Quality of Products         17

d) Office Environment         13

e) Competitive Pricing         14

f) Customer Service Line     6

“Winner take place” Analysis

Now we look which category scored the highest in each ranking. This is the “winner take place” analysis. In this case:

“Waiting Line” scored the highest for the 1st place rank at 28, “Customer Service”  scored the highest for the 2nd place rank at 28, “Comptetive Pricing” scored the highest on the third place rank, and so on and so on…

Highest for:

1st       Waiting Line

2nd     Customer Service

3rd     Competitive Pricing

4th      Office Environment

5th      Quality of Products

6th      Employee Service

Take a look at the second and third place ranking, “Customer Service” and “Competitive Pricing”. 1st place is the same as our “winner take all” analysis, so the important ones to focus on are second and third place.

Why second and third, and not the rest?

Because in this case, most people put their most pressing priorities first, second, and sometimes third. After those ranks, the rest are not urgent enough for you to worry about right now, especially since your time and resources are scarce too. The second and third rank winners also have a relatively high amount of hits (28 each, while first place also got 28 in each analysis so far).

The numbers for each highest rank are significant, because if the numbers for the highest rank for third are significantly lower than the numbers for the highest rank for second, then pay little attention to third place (ditto from first to second)

However, this rule of thumb can be overlooked if the second and third place winners for the “winner take all” analysis and the “winner take place” analysis are the same. That’s a strong correlation to pay attention to.

However,in this case, notice how they’re not the same as the second and third place winners for the “winner take all” analysis (those were “Employee Service” and “Competitive Pricing”)

How do you go from here for your second and third priorities?

Simple, by the numbers.

Employee Service scored 22 for the second place sport in winner take all, but Customer Service scored 28 in its second place rank. So its more likely better to make customer service your second focal point of improvement.  As for your third, Competitive pricing scored higher than even employee service, but employee service’s rank is higher.

If there is too much disparity for your third place ranking, its best to see which categories’ numbers go up in your next round of surveys coming before you decide which one should your third focus point of improvement.