A Common Thread From Some of The Greatest Advertisers of Our Era

Some of the best advertising masters through the ages stay loyal to this one principle. Do you know what it is?…

and btw I’m talking about the advertising giants – Claude Hopkins, Victor O Schwab, Rosser Reeves, and David Ogilvy (I recommend anything written by these authors to get better at marketing).

They give good advice in their books. Much of it is counter-intuitive when it comes to marketing.

However, there seems to be an underlying principle that all these great marketers advise. Some are more forward with it, while some imply it throughout their work.

They advocate complete honesty in all of of your advertising.

Yup, all of it. Every word you put in your ad copy and every claim you make should be true. No “stretching the truth”, no “fudging the numbers” to make yourself look better, no promises you won’t keep with your product or service. No exceptions!

They even advise against making vague statements like “the best results ever!” and replace them with clear, specific, honest claims such as “removes any facial pimple within 6 hours” or “feel relief in 4 minutes”

In my experience, this turned out to be good, profitable advice. Adhere to this advice in all of your advertising (on any medium) and you’ll see significant changes in the number of responses and the quality of your responses. i.e. you’ll get more of the kind of customer you want.

Another benefit of honesty is that you can weed out ads that don’t sell benefits that your potential customers don’t want much faster. You’ll save lots of wasted time.

Make honesty your foundation in all your marketing. You’ll see returns now and later.