A Great Example of Using Humor Correctly In Your Ads

It’s difficult to use humor effectively in your ads. Most of the time, people remember the ad but the not what you’re selling (useless for you). But there’s a way to pull it off…

Now unless you know your ad is really funny while it gets your big benefit across, don’t try to put humor in your ads. That’s my disclaimer.

However, there’s one series of commercials that uses humor beautifully.

Remember those Stride commercials? You know, the ones that advertise their “ridiculously long lasting gum”?

The point is that their gum lasts an unusually long time. The humor is that it lasts so long that its reducing Stride’s repeat sales and profits, to a point where they might shut down if that keeps going on.

They make it into an interesting story, which delivers their point effectively.It’s comedy that will last in viewers’ memories. People will remember the funny commercials’ point when they go buy gum.

One of their first ads is in their corporate board room, laughing at the idea that their long lasting gum could slow down sales, then suddenly their factory shuts down. I wish I found the video for it.

Later ads carry on the story. Here’s one about the sales losses in a convenience store

Here’s a couple ads where the company gets desperate enough to take back chewing gum directly from customers

It’s risky to continue on the story like this because new viewers may not get the point right off the bat, but  I think these commercials pull it off.

If you can use humor in an interesting story that gets your big benefit across through the humor, then your ad could increase newcomer sales.

But this is tricky. Few ads pull this off well. However, every now and then a good one comes by, like the Stride ads.

Note: I’m in no way paid to mention stride positively in my blog. However if stride would like to change that, they can send a check to my paypal account. 🙂