An Easy Way To Annoy Your Customers and Lose Sales Pointlessly

Various kinds of services make this mistake waaaayy too often. Do whatever you can to avoid it…

So get this…

A couple months ago I helped my family friend with his Halloween party by handling the pre-sale line outside of the event. I wrote about this night before…

Anyway, when people bought pre-sale tickets from the event website, they came to my table with receipt, and I used the email address to confirm their claim. Simple. It was fun meeting people and the line doing alright.

But something was obviously wrong…

I could tell some of the pre-sale customers were getting annoyed, and some were just lost and confused.

The problem was that the pre-sale ticket claim line was far away from the actual line to get in the event. They put a little sign for “Pre-sale” on my table that was really hard to see.

So some people waited in line only to find out they had to get out to get their actual tickets for pre sale and then get back in line. Smart huh?

They could have kept a separate, exclusive line for presaleĀ  that goes directly into the party’s front doors. Just get your ticket in line, then go in. Done.

But nooooo! Some people thought that was risky, that some people would try to hustle me. But that’s exactly what happened at the pre-sale ticket table. Some goofs held up the pre-sale table trying to haggle me and my friend! Many were lost and complained about the wait. Not to mention that it was hard to see that confirmation paper in the dark night, far from the party door’s lights. Even more time wasted!

Making pre paid customers jump through stupid, pointless hoops is not good for sales or future ads. You damage your reputation and annoy your best customers, the ones that paid early! Now you have to do damage control on your next ad assuring that won’t happen again.

Don’t do it! Don’t put pointless barriers between your customers and your product/service. Remove as many as possible and get them to your product/service as quickly as possible

Your business isn’t the DMV. People can go elsewhere.

So look for ways you reduce wait times and unnecessary stops between your product/service and your customers.

This is a big one. Get on it.