An Important Factor In Studying Your Response Rates: Where? There!

Some businesses don’t pay enough attention to this, but you can easily use it to get more responses with less effort…

When calculating your response rates from physical ads, pay attention to where you get a good amount of your responses from.

I’ve seen businesses that gloss over this information too quickly. They see that a good amount of people are responding from one area in town, and they just start to advertise more heavily in that are. No changes to suit that population, just throw more spaghetti in that direction! Go above that…

Find out why you’re getting high response rates from there

They might have found a hidden benefit to your product or service that you didn’t pick up on. Maybe its a certain demographic in that part of town. Is it ethnic? It is debt-free homeowners? Is it because that area is a college town and your bargains appeal to them? Find out.

You can learn a lot by giving surveys, visiting that area, learning more about that area’s background. Find out the kind of people there who respond to your product/ service.

Once you find out, you can put this benefit in your ads and run a test campaign in that area. Maybe even change the headline a bit for that area. “Best prices for sushi” “A broke college student’s cuisine” you name it.

This is part of the all-important research aspect for improving your ads’ response rates.

Use it to uncover hidden gems.