Focus On This One Person In Your Copy If You Want People To Notice Your Ads…

Do you know who this person is? Many businessmen (including your competitors) don’t, and they have no idea that their ads are usually overlooked. But if you know who this person is, you’ll take their customers and turn them into your sales…

You’re gonna hate my answer, because you’ll just say “duh!” But trust me, even some big ad agencies today will ignore this person, or fail to grasp its implications.

The most important person to focus on in your ads is…

Your customer!

Yeah, I see that look, but hear me out…

Notice how I said customer? Not customer(s)? That means you write like you’re talking a friend across the table at a coffee shop. No addressing an audience. You talk to one buyer at a time in your ad.

Notice that I said your customer? Who is your customer? What do they want? What benefits are they looking for that your product/ service could give them? You must provide what your customers want in your ad copy. It’s not what they say they want, but your ad copy must offer things that actually move them to buy. Actions speak louder than words.

Notice that I didn’t say anything about anybody else. That’s because nobody else but your customer matters in your ad! They don’t want to hear about the features of your product, unless it shows how it benefits them. They don’t want to hear your problems, unless it shows him a way to overcome his problem. Your customers are only interested in themselves, especially when he buys something. It’s just human nature.

You know all this? Well then why do I see so many ads that never to seem to address their customers?

Sure, they have cool designs, cool artwork, or cool features. But they never attempt to give any cool benefits to their customers, or even get their customers to feel how cool it would be to own their product or use their service.

So that’s why your ads can still get so many responses from this obvious idea. Most businessmen hardly apply it, and that includes your competitors!

Make customer satisfaction your number one priority in your ad copy.

That’s fundamental to making ads that add sales 🙂