A Great Technique For Selling To Price Sensitive People…

This technique worked me over a few times when I was hesitant to buy something expensive, in a sales letter and in person. I’ve used it in person. You can use it in your ads too…

Many of customers out there, depending on your product/service, can be price sensitive. You may have something great to offer that they want to buy, but are hesistant because they feel it’s too expensive for them. Here’s a way to convince them to buy…

Compare the value they get for what they’ll pay to other low-priority things that cost the same

An example is a line in an ad that says,

“For just the price of one latte a week, get a 1-year subscription to the business newsletter that can make you hundreds of dollars with each issue”


“You can get your abs their hardest in three easy payments of 19.95, less than the cost of a daily value meal at a fast food chain”

Ok maybe the last one was a bit cheesy, but there’s a reason why these lines tend to convince.

I’ve talked about the subjective theory of value before. One of its implications is that people value things by priority. If you buy a car for $10000, then you feel having the car is a higher priority than having the $10000.

When you compare your price of your product/service to something that people buy but is usually a lower priority item for them, you put their priorities in context. People always value their money so spending, say $150, on something could make some people hesitant, depending on what you’re selling.

But if you show how a low priority item they would buy normally, which adds to $150 overtime, seems less valuable to the big benefit of your product/service at $150, it’ll look easier to them give up that low priority item, or a series of them.

They think “A latte everyday isn’t THAT big of a deal, maybe some of them are really worth giving up to get this”

This technique is great to put in the “make your target desire to grasp your product” portion of an ad-copy that Victor O Schwab talks about. It’ll encourage more price sensitive targets to buy.

Take some time and come up with strong comparisons that make people think “Well if I could give up that little thing for while for this, why not?”

For just the time it takes to get to the grocery store and come back, you can make an amazing and compelling value comparison line in your ad and for your salesmen. 🙂