How To Measure The Superiority of Your Product…

This one is easy, but many are afraid to use it in their ads. They don’t know it’s power. You’re much better off using it…

It’s your refund rate. Are you measuring this? It’s the number of refunds divided by your total sales.

You need to include a full money-back guarantee in your ads for this to work. This is where many sellers get scared. But why should they?

Jay Abraham talks about the importance of using risk reversal.

His best point is this: Why be afraid to offer a money-back guarantee? If you’re honest about everything in your ad and you actually believe what you’re selling is superior, then why would it be a problem?

You’re very likely to increase sales by including a money back guarantee as well.

As Gary North pointed out, if your refund rate is above 4% after you promise a money-back guarantee, then you need to check your promises and the actual quality of what you are selling.

If under 4%, you’re doing well.

Your refund rate helps keep your ads and sales pitch honest and effective. The money-back guarantee helps bring in more willing reponses.

You’ll wonder why you were ever afraid of using them in the first place.