How To Write Ads That Attract Readers and Get More Responses

This takes a little practice, but it gets your ad a lot more attention, and a lot more responses…

So you want to really get attention for your ads? To a point where your ad is constantly read from start to finish? What does it take to write such an alluring ad?

Well the good news is that you don’t need to be a marketing genius. You don’t need to have a PhD in writing or English. You just need to be able to write coherently and do this one thing…

Read the ad out loud.

Yeah, really! Each and every part of the ad should sound like its talking to you casually but also excited at the same time. If the ad doesn’t sound right when you read it out loud, then it won’t be read right either.

The reason this works is because people talk in their heads all the time. Its easier to relate to someone when you’re talking to them casually. If your ads sound too stiff, too informal, too “hyper-excited”, or “lumpy”, then it’s not going to come off normal to your readers. It’ll sound too “sales pitchy” and turn them off.

Some of the most alluring ads I’ve encountered “spoke” to me, from the headline all the way to order form, in a casual, sympathethic, but excited about it product/ service manner.

So sit down and read your ads out loud. Keep revising until it sounds right. Casual and excited, like you’re talking to best friend over a beer, is the goal.

This takes some practice and a good amount of revising to get it right, but it’s so worth it!

It doesn’t hurt that this technique is cheap, effective, and simple. If you want more readers and responses, it’s easy…

speak their language 🙂