How To Make Your Ads Stand Out Over Your Competitors…

You can use this technique without worrying that competitors will steal it. They’ll simply overlook it while you make extra sales for yourself…

What’s special about your product or service? What benefit(s) does it have that makes your targets choose you over your competitors?

Not sure? Even if you are, can you sell it in person or your ads?

Did you know this is called your Unique Selling Proposition?

Well if not, don’t worry. There’s a great strategy to creating and  promoting your Unique Selling Proposition. This idea was heavily promoted by Rosser Reeves and by many great marketers today.

Marketing guru Jay Abraham writes a wonderful article on creating and using a great Unique Selling Proposition.

Once you have it down, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors, and add a lot more responses and sales to your ads.