How Much Is A Marketing Test Worth?

A lot more than I thought at least. But far too many businessmen promote ads they like without looking at results. They want to make money their way, and not in any other way. Don’t make the same mistake…

This site gives a test to see which ad is better. Take a minute to try it out.

Surprised at the results? I usually am. The site changes the test to new ads every so often. It’s fun to check it out sometimes.

Sometimes I get the test right, and I think I know why…

If there’s a test comparing an ad with white (or light) print on dark background to an ad with dark print and white background, the dark print and white background usually wins. Why?

Well it’s easier to read much more quickly. It can catch short attention spans better.

David Ogilvy, in Ogilvy On Advertising, frowns upon the use of dark background on white print. Sales results repeatedly back up his sentiments.

But notice how in the tests, the majority of voters almost always get it wrong?

Seems like there’s a big difference between “like enough to vote for” and “makes someone buy”.

That’s why ad testing and measuring response and conversion rates are so important. Without them, along with well prepared test campaigns, its like digging for gold in a pitch black with no lights. You’d have no idea if you ever stuck gold or not!

Measuring response rates and test campaigns are so easy for any business to do, I can’t understand why so many businesses run ads without doing them.

Oh well. That’s to your advantage because there’s that much less competition for you if your “testing lamp” are on.

You don’t even need major ad agency analysis to do these tests. Just a few simple and cheap techniques will get you started.

How much are accurate results worth in this economy. I’d say a little more than usual 🙂