How To Measure Which of Your Responses Are Leading To Sales…

The less guesswork you have in your marketing to sales process, the better. Here’s a way to eliminate some of it…

I already talked about the importance of measuring your fallout rate. If your fallout rate is large, you have to understand why your ads are attracting such weak responses, or why your marketing to sales process is weak.

It’s also good idea to measure each point of marketing to sales process.

This article on measuring your leads’ effectiveness shows some easy ways to measure your marketing to sales process from start to finish.

Use it to spot weak points in your marketing to sales process. You can spot where improvements are needed. These measurements also help when you have a high fallout rate and have trouble figuring out if you have bad ads or a bad sales process.

You can also use these measurements to weed out bad leads and work on attracting good ones; the ones that lead to sales.

So eliminate some pointless guesswork. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be. 🙂