Another Barrier That Email Marketers Put Up That Loses Customers…

Most marketers and their web designers ignore this barrier. It’s a shame that they’ll miss out lots of potential customer sign-ups because of it…

Especially these days, where email marketers are under more pressure to get more sign-ups and online sales.

What barrier am I talking about?

Check out some websites for major brands or products. Lots of them have nice layouts, maybe some cool flash graphics, a video, and some more flash. Then they show off their products and make online purchases easy. Not bad.

But look around some more. Where is the email sign-up box?

It’s clearly not on the first page for lots of these sites. You have to dig through these sites to find a page that actually displays it. Even if they actually put up the email sign-up box on the first page, its hidden at the bottom corner of the screen where you have to scroll down to.

But the email sign-up form is perfectly set up right after someone just bought something from their site. It’s like they only want sign-ups from someone who just bought something from their site…

This is just crazy! Why do they make newcomers to their site jump through hoops just to reach an email sign-up box?

So many companies do this. Most site viewers would never bother to seriously hunt for the email list, even if they were interested in updates. So much potential online sales lost…

The email sign-up box should be clearly posted on the main page. It should be clearly visible to anyone to first visits the site.

Visitors who are interested in more can sign-up when they want to without any hassle.

It doesn’t have to be a pop up graphic, just a clear section in the corner that has the email sign-up box on the front page of your site, they can sign up easily.

Make the offer to sign up more attractive, like a tag-line under the box saying “Sign up for free tips, updates, discounts, and news for our product” or something that’s related to your offer in your emails.

It’s really easy and common sense to eliminate these types of barriers between your customers and your product/service. Make it easy for interested visitors to sign up for your email list.

From there you can really sell.