The Two Most Important Metrics Every Marketer Must Measure

All this talk about marketing metrics and analytics, but so few marketers pay attention these two crucial ones…

It doesn’t matter what types of marketing you’re in. Direct mail, online business, word of mouth, etc.

Every marketer needs to watch these two metrics like a hawk!

What are they?

I thought you’d never ask…

1. Sales

2. Repeat Sales

Some customers buy from you over and over again. They create the bulk of your income.

You must learn to track your sales first to see whats going on. From there you can track who’s coming back for more.

If you track the sales rate from each of your campaigns and mailing lists, all your marketing will start to fall into place.

You’ll know exactly what working and what isn’t. Without it, you’ll fly blind.

Once you track sales, you can improve your direct marketing quickly.

Once you track repeat sales, you can find out how to get more value out of each customer. Much less effort and lots more revenue.

So remember the 2 fundamental metrics

#1: Sales

#2: Repeat #1 🙂