A Bad Marketing Assumption You Must Avoid When Expanding Your Marketing…

I made this mistake when marketing my side business. Luckily I didn’t lose much money but I lost a lot of time. Think this through and don’t make the same mistake…

When I first starting tutoring, I relied solely on craigslist ads. I stuck gold with one ad and started expanding rapidly.

I figured the Ad itself was so good that I started putting them in mail boxes and figured it would work just as well, maybe even better…

But I was wrong, I got virtually no response!

Why? Well think about it…

Craigslist is a place where people are already looking for your service, look for deals, and expect the credibility risks that come with it.

In direct mail you’re trying to get to people to open your mail and read it, and it takes a lot more for them to trust you. If you do a spaghetti approach you’ll reach too many people who don’t have any reason to buy from you or you need to do a lot more to establish your credibility.

I didn’t prepare to mail my ad to a specific list of people in an envelope addressed to their home either. I just stuck the flier version of my letrer outside their door.  Not good.

I made the mistake of assuming that every marketing medium works same way!

And that’s definitely not the case. You need to understand how each marketing medium works before you consider using it.

For example, for a website to be successful you have to have traffic come in from target searches, an ad piece directing people to your site, or word of mouth, with lots of good content your viewers can read.

That’s definitely not the format for a successful direct mail campaign.

And keep in mind what type of business you have for the medium to make sense.

It seems to make little sense to develop an elaborate and Paypal programmed website if you own a hot dog stand.

But once you understand each medium you’re working with, you can tweak your marketing points to the medium’s format, and find way to reach only your target market and ideal customers.

And don’t forget to do a small test of the response rate each new medium you use. You could avoid losing a lot money on some factor you didn’t take into account.

Once again, don’t jump unless you know where you’re going to land 🙂