A Crazy Technique To Promoting Your Competitive Advantage In The Most Profitable Way…

This still doesn’t make complete sense to me. I guess it’s one of those strange facts about human nature…

I can’t explain it, but it’s very real and every one of has done it from time to time.

So keep this in mind the next time you have some special benefit you want to market…

People make the biggest deal over the littlest things.

That means the more slight your advantage (or disadvantage) is, the more people will notice, and go for you (or get away from you).

Sounds crazy? Well consider, when do team players feel worse, when they win the silver or when they win the bronze?

Right, when they win the silver. Why? because they were so close to winning the gold, but lost the gold. The bronze people are usually more happy about being in the top 3 (some bragging rights). But surely, isn’t winning 2nd place better than winning 3rd!?

Weird huh?

Or how about this? When a single person was assassinated (Archduke Ferdinand) nearly the entire world went to war, starting World War I.

But when Communist China’s “Chairman Mao” initiated his “Great Leap Forward” killing well over 30 million people, what did the world do?

Yup, nothing. Not even a sanction or protest…

Is it any wonder that Stalin said “A single death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic”

Crazy right? But this applies to marketing too (and no I’m not saying you’ll get more sales by killing one person vs a million, murder is not something I recommend at all)

What I’m saying is, a little competitive advantage usually makes a bigger splash than a big competitive advantage.

For example, say that every one of competitors sells chocolate chip cookies for $1. If you competed just on price, you’d probably get more sales if you sold your chocolate chip cookies for 95 cents instead of 50 cents.

Why? Well think about it. What if you saw a Ferrari on sale for $5000.00? What’s your first reaction going to be?

Exactly, you wouldn’t take it seriously, or think there would be something seriously wrong with that Ferrari.

A problem that comes with big advantage claims is that they run into the “too good to be true problem”

Your potential customers will have a tough time believing you, and you need lots and lots of proof to overcome that stigma, or come up with an entirely new angle for your product and explain it away.

But with a slight advantage, you’re more likely to come off as “going that extra mile” and “looking out for your customers with better service”

Hey I didn’t say that it make sense, but it is useful.

It means that you don’t always have out-deliver out of this world with service just to rake in tons of sales. You go at a steady pace and deliver more advantages along the way.

So if everyone’s selling 1 hour massages for 39.99, try selling yours for 38.99, or keep it at 39.99 and give 5 minutes extra on each massage.

The key is to find out the advantage all your competitors offer, and offer one of them slightly better.

More people will probably notice. You can even market that in your ad copy…

“Everyone else offers this at “so so” but we went a bit further to make it [slightly more so so] ”

It could be that little extra push that gets you a lot more sales in the most profitable way.

Test it out 🙂