What Lady Gaga Taught Me About Marketing…

As pop artist Lady Gaga just recently hit over 10 million facebook fans, beating Barack Obama, it’s time to look at and absorb an important marketing lesson from her…

Seriously, she beat America’s first Black President on a completely open market. It’s a testament to the popularity of an outstanding performer (or the unpopularity of the current president! ha)

How and why did this pop star become one of the most popular music artists in the entire world?

Actually there’s a reason, and it has to do with a fundamental and far reaching marketing principle…

So what’s so special about Lady Gaga? Well if you haven’t seen much of her, take a few minutes to look at some of Lady Gaga’s music videos. In fact, search “Lady Gaga” in google images to see some pictures of her. Better yet, click here

Yeah, she’s pretty far out there, and that’s an understatement!

Even though her music is very good and in a similar style to other pop stars and hip hop artists out there (and she often works with them), she certainly doesn’t look and act like them…

Most of the major male pop stars and hip hop artists act and look like gangstas or pretty boys. The majority of the top female artists are like the sweet, pretty, and somewhat innocent Taylor Swift or the hot, secretly wild Britney Spears.

But Lady Gaga’s in a league of her own. Her weird and off the wall style sparks curiosity and intrigue in a very provocative way. I know, it’s hard for me to explain, but whether you love or hate her she leaves an impression that sticks, and the people want more.

So did you figure out the fundamental marketing principle she mastered? (On top of producing great music of course)

Of course you did, my readers are very intelligent (no joke)

She mastered the Unique Selling Proposition

Remember, the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is basically “What do you offer that nobody else is offering but your customers can’t do without?”

I seriously doubt that Lady Gaga would be as well known and sought after if she didn’t show off her off-the-wall weird provocativeness and acted and looked like every other pop star. Again her music is very good, but that in itself doesn’t give enough push…

But NOBODY in her industry dresses, acts, and makes videos like she does. Not even close! On top of that, she does it in a risky way that public can’t turn away from. It’s just too interesting (even if you just find her annoying)

Don’t believe that helped her? Well take a look at other stars that pushed the unique off-the-wall performances to their advantage.

Dennis Rodman was always a good basketball player, but for the longest time he had few offers for major contracts. But then he started doing outrageous things, like dressing like a female bride in public. He was the only basketball player to do such spectacles, and got a reputation as a crazy bad ass. Soon after he was playing first string for the Chicago Bulls at their prime.

Madonna totally changed the face of 80’s and early 90’s pop music with her off the wall erotica style. Some have compared Lady Gaga’s style to Madonna. There are similarities, but the big difference is the era and industry they were each dealing with, and each mastered their own.

The examples go on and on, but how can you use the USP that carried Lady Gaga to the most popular pop artist in the world?

Well I’m necessarily suggesting dressing and acting like Lady Gaga in your field lol, but you can apply her great secret when applying for jobs, repositioning your company, entering a new competitive industry, or revitalizing your competitive edge and take back your market share…

Be Unique In A Way That Your Target Market or Clients Can’t Do Without!

If everyone’s going one way in your field, go the other way. Stand out from the crowd with what you offer! If everyone is moving forward, move sideways!

Once you offer a Unique Selling Proposition that your target market wants, you could very well be in a league all on your own, get noticed very quickly and make the needed impression, and make a lot of extra money in the process, even now!

Lady Gaga is a true testament to the power of the Unique Selling Proposition. Don’t underestimate it’s impact on your sales and profits.

So get to work on your USP. To start mastering it, start here