An Obvious (But Overlooked) Trick To Help Customers Remember Your Company Website

If your company’s web address is your company’s name, you’ve got it good. But too many businessmen ignore an obvious but vital technique to promoting it. If you want more customers to visit your site more often, then don’t ignore this technique…

It’s really easy, but no doubt vital. Use it everywhere you write down or post your website…

Start every word in your website address with a capital letter.

How will that make any difference?

Well how much harder is it to remember versus

See? The first one looks like one big awkward word that’s hard to figure out (is that… uhhh…. adsta tadd sales?) who would figure out right away that it was Ads That Add Sales?

But the second one is clear and easy to remember.

Another example:, did the web address’s two words jump out at you? No?

How about

See? Web addresses aren’t case sensitive for a reason.

This helps your clients remember your website when they’re away from your advertising.  They can type in your site spontaneously anywhere, and you better believe your target audience is spontaneously all over the place.

But if they don’t remember your company site, they won’t visit.

Now, go get more site visitors by capitalizing on your site promotion! 🙂