How To Crush Your Competition & Put Your Business In A League Of Its Own – A Review Of ‘Reality In Advertising’ By Rosser Reeves

So you want advertising that crushes your competition, giving you the lion share of the market? How about becoming so untouchable that if a competitor tries to copy you, it only adds to your business? Then read this book…

Rosser Reeves’ “Reality In Advertising” (Knopf 1970) is probably one of the most profound and far reaching marketing books you’ll ever read. Not only will it help you increase sales, but you’ll learn to create and keep your very own niche market even if you’re competitors sell the same exact product or service!

Reeves’ own track record is nothing less than extraordinary. Remember m&m’s candy’s slogan? We all do…

Well “melts in your mouth, not in your hand” is not just a slogan, it was one of the most effective unique selling propositions that Reeves himself created.

And Reeves shows in great depth how to make a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets you apart from the competition and increases your market share over all your competition.

Another profound observation by Reeves is that you can’t measure the success of an advertisement or marketing strategy just because sales are going up…

Now I know it seems like that statement goes against what many other legendary marketers say, not to mention one of the great themes of this site, but not so fast…

Reeves instead says that the correct way to measure the effectiveness of each of your advertisements or marketing strategies is to survey your buyers and find out which ones recall your advertising and which ones do not. If the percentage of those who recall your advertising is greater than the percentage of those don’t recall it, then that ad is effective. If less than those who don’t recall it, it maybe hurting your sales or could be wasteful.

Now that’s Ads That Add Sales on steroids!

He basically shows a profound and very effective way to measure response rates! I suggest you take his advice…

He also goes into how to structure your benefits and selling points around your Unique Selling Proposition to maximize its effectiveness.

He also emphasizes complete honesty in advertising, because that’s the fastest way to find out if your business needs a fundamental change or if its on the right track to more sales. According to Reeves, no amount of advertising can sell inferior goods (that sentence alone is worth 10 times the price of the book!)

Reeves covers a lot of ground in this book and what he says applies to direct mail, commercials, branding, and many of his concepts apply to online marketing as well.

This book will fundamentally change the way you look at advertising for good, and for more continuous sales and profits for you.

I suggest reading it at least twice. I think Reality In Advertising is one of the most important marketing books to absorb if you want to advance and succeed in your business.

So read this book, and make buyers line up to their most wanted business that’s like no other…yours!