How To Convince Your Target Market That Only You Sell What They Specifically Need

The trick is to put your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in your ad copy. Here’s how to pull this trick off easily…

If you’ve read victor o schwab’s “How To Write A Good Advertisement” you know the 5 things each ad needs (and if you haven’t read it, get on it! Don’t advertise without it!) These five elements are

  1. Get Attention
  2. Show an advantage
  3. Prove it
  4. Persuade them to grasp that advantage
  5. Ask for action

And you can do these things in no particular order, or combine most of them in a sentence or two if you’re really slick and lean. So where would the USP go?

You can think of the USP as the Unique Benefit Proposition, or the Unique Advantage Proposition (I prefer Unique Service Proposition). That means you would stick it in (and possibly replace) number 2. Show an advantage, to “show them your unique advantage.

If you include a benefit in your headline (which is part of 1. Get attention), you might get a stronger response by putting your USP as the benefit (That might even test the strength of your USP)

If your copy shows a lot of advantages, then wrap them around your USP. Do what you can to make them relate to your USP.

Then follow up the rest of the copy by proving your USP, persuading people to grasp your USP, and ask for action.

The trick is making a very effective USP. For help, start here. Then study this

I hoped I convinced you to make it happen 🙂