A Secret About Selling Benefits That Boosts Sales

To use this secret, you have to understand where most benefits hit hardest…

Quick question. What’s a more powerful motivator for most people, emotion (the heart) or logic (the head)?

Yes, yes you’re right, the heart. We all understand why too. How many times have you made a decision that really triggered your emotions, but didn’t seem to make sense at the time? How many times have you made a decision made sense logically, but you were really emotionally against it, like being afraid to go on a roller coaster or ask a girl out on a date?

See, the second circumstance is rarer than the first one. It’s the same with just about everybody else.

So, in advertising, you could get a lot more action by appealing to your prospect’s emotions…

If you sell on emotionally based benefits, you’re much more likely to get responses and sales.

How do you start doing this? Well when you start talking about the benefits of buying your product or service, ask yourself “What great feelings would my prospects get by using my product or service?”

If you start your ad with these benefits that appeal emotional (and then provide the logical proof to justify these benefits) you’ll get more readers and follow ups.

Of course, you have to learn to put yourself in your client’s shoes to get really effective results, and  for more info on how to pull this off effectively, read my free report by signing up at the right of the page.

Do you feel me? 🙂