A Powerful (& FREE) Tool To Test & Improve Your Web Pages

Most people know about the A/B split test with direct mail, mailing lists, and email lists, but most businessmen have no idea how to do it for their websites…

Online split testing is very useful. You can test every one of web pages to see if one headline works better than the other, if one offer works better, or any other of hundreds of useful tests.

But did you know there’s a tool you use to make A/B tests for your web pages.

It works by making two separate pages for your web page, one page being test “A” and the other page is test “B”.

Then it sends a certain percentage of people (based on IP address) who click to view that page to the test “a” version and the rest of the visitors to the test “b” version. Then after a time period you’ll get a tally of which test version made more visitors take your call to action (whether go to another page, sign up to your mailing list, or purchase something)

Then you’ll see very clearly which test worked in your favor, and improve your results from there.

What’s this tool called? Well it’s called website optimizer, and there are many sites promoting their own website software, but I think the most popular and free website optimizer is Google Website Optimizer.

It’s so easy to learn and use, I recommend starting right away if you have a website up.

In fact you’ll see how easy it is when you take a look at these tutorials here

Did I mention it’s free?