How To Make A Big Claim More Believable

A challenge of making a huge benefit claim like “learn calculus in one day” is the public’s response “Yeah right! And my grandma’s wheel-chair helps her fly to the moon!” Here’s how to overcome that response…

Let’s take that big benefit claim “learn calculus in one day”…

Now we automatically know this claim is ridiculous. Who can learn calculus in a day?

But what if it said “MIT Mathematicians proved that students can learn calculus in a day”

Well that may make you pause little. You may think “Why haven’t heard of this before? Maybe it’s a joke story”

Now what if it said, “A new breakthrough study technique, verified by 200 MIT Mathematicians, allows 93% students to learn calculus in one day” followed by an article explaining the process in detail, the studies conducted to prove this claim, the story of the break through, quote from credible math experts and even a small demonstration, and free trial offer.

Now that’s something people will take more seriously, even the headline will entice more people to read more about this claim.

So let’s break this technique down in 3 steps. When you want to sell on a big claim, whether its online, direct mail, or on video, or whatever, you must:

1. Offer proof from credible experts, label it as brand new news, and provide specifics (numbers, percentages, tests, if possible)

2. Include that proof in your headline

3. Expand on that proof in your content (article or video)

Now this only works if all your proof is honest and genuine, and you’ll want to test the type of proof you put in your headline. Some types of proof are more believable than others depending on the what’s being sold. So the key is to test your headlines heavily. Don’t skip that step when making an unbelievable claim. I talk more about how to do this here.

I also suggest reading the “prove it” section of this book.

I hope you believe me on this 🙂