A Simple Test That Can Dramtically Improve Your Website’s Effectiveness

If you don’t do this soon, you and your website will be left behind…

Ok, this is pretty easy…

Go grab a smart phone that can connect to the internet. Use to log on to your website.

How does your site look?

Can you see everything you’d want mobile users to see on your site?

Does your site still look good on the mobile phone, or does it look skewed and out of place?

Now, fix your sites and pages so that it’s easy to read everything you want your viewers to read on their phones.

Why? Because everyday, more and more people use their smart phones to go online, instead of using a laptop or desktop.

These are the people with money. They will more likely buy what you’re selling online.

Videos are getting easier to see on mobile phones. Time to put up playable videos on your site about your products.

Once your site is convenient and accessible by mobile, you’ll have so many more marketing opportunities to capitalize on, like text messages, emails, video links and more.

This is otherwise known as mobile marketing, and its only going to get bigger.

Get on it before your competitors do.