How The Marketing Masters Boost Sales – A Review of “Tested Advertising Methods” By John Caples

I recommended “How To Write A Good Advertisement” by Victor Schwab to get good at copywriting. Now if you want a head start in becoming a marketing guru that eclipses all others in making sales, then absorb and apply everything in this book!

John Caples’ “Tested Advertising Methods” has so many techniques, insights, and lessons to becoming a great and super-effective marketer and copywriter that it’s hard for me to pick a place to start. When you read this book, you’ll stop and reread a whole lot of pages just to make you get down every idea and tip jotted down on that page.

John Caples himself was quiet the marketing legend, writing what many agree to be the most successful ad in the 20th century!

We all know that the headline is the most important part of ad, but even after studying marketing for a while it can still be very difficult to make a great headline and not screw it up.

In “Tested Advertising Methods”, Caples breaks down and explains successful headlines so thoroughly that you’ll be able to spot a good headline from a bad one from a mile away, and goes into such great detail on how to make powerful and effective headlines for any business or situation.

He actually devotes 4 chapters to analyzing and making great headlines. I don’t know if Caples foresaw the creation of the web and social media marketing, but the power of the headline is more important than ever, especially considering status updates, email subject lines, text message/ mobile marketing, and search engine optimization. Here you’ll learn how to write the social media headline that gets the click!

As far as headlines as part of an advertisement goes, Caples said an error is to work on the rest of the ad first and leave the headline of the ad for last. Instead he would spend hours on writing the perfect headline and then the rest of the ad can be finished quickly. That sentence alone is worth 100 times the price of the book, seriously!

Then Caples spells out the right appeal very well and the rest of the ad’s elements. His insight into writing long copy that sells is pure gold! He recommends writing the advertisement longer than it’s supposed to fit, and then cutting it down and take out the irrelevant or “bad” copy to the correct long copy that sells.

What’s even more important is the chapters on testing and marketing mediums. Caples goes in to several testing methods that can all be applied to online marketing, analytics, and all sorts of forms to test the quality of your responses and where you can get the most out of your marketing efforts and avoid huge lessons.

I can’t stress importantly enough the chapter on tests but I recommend to read that chapter over again until you cover as many test variables as possible!

It usually isn’t a good idea to write a book that covers so many aspects in marketing, but Caples is certainly the exception that gives you a “great leap forward” in marketing. One you read and apply what he says in Tested Advertising Methods, you’ll know why every marketing “expert” and legend recommends it!

Don’t further develop any of your marketing skills without reading this book and applying everything it says! Read it 50 times if that’s what it takes!