How To REALLY Test Your Company’s Facebook or Twitter Page…

Way too many marketers and businessmen think that having the most “likes” on their company facebook page or the most followers on their twitter page is the key to social media success. The reality is very different indeed…

I mean, think about it. If you have a personal facebook or twitter page, do you go through every company business page you like and automatically become their customer? Do you even remember the vast majority of your “likes” a week after you “liked” them?

No? I can assure you you’re not alone. So much for quick and easy market penetration huh?

But most enthusiastic internet marketers and businessmen jump the gun when it comes to social media. They think if they win the popularity contest, online responses would shoot through the roof.

Actually, the competition is much more savage on social media

In fact, an article in Deliver magazine points out that 65% of marketers say they have not increased revenue or profited using social media.

However, there is a way to test how effective your social media page really is…

Update your status, tweet, or send a message to every who “likes” your page. On this status update, tweet, or message, include a call to action. The easiest one is to include a link on your message or update to your website or business page outside of your social media page.

Make sure you have Google analytics on that page to track how many people from your social media “likes” or followers view that page. The analytics report will tell you the source of the viewer and their behavior on your site, to see if they bounced from your page or actually looked around.

Keep your alluring status or tweet up for at least a week (you can “refresh” it by deleting it and posting it again), you’ll see how much “penetration” you social media page really has. Again, this approach means you need a website or at least a sales web page.

You can even do this if you post your own video on your facebook status. Just include a call to action link in your status or embedded in your video. You’ll find out who actually “likes” what you have to say, and those are your potential customers you can promote to.

Test your social media pages properly, and put your effort where it counts.