An Online Marketing Secret Revealed By The Trix Rabbit, Captain Crunch, and Tony The Tiger…

Yes, you can really profit from this secret off your website, your newsletters, your online sales letters, and maybe even your email marketing. All you have to do is just look at their big bright cereal boxes…

If you’ve been surfing Ann Holland’s site lately, you might find an emerging rule of thumb on some of their more recent tests.

It’s actually the same technique that gets parents and kids to buy those cereals with the Trix Rabbit, Captain Crunch, Tony the Tiger, etc.  on the front.

What is it?

Well look at their cereal boxes, so bright that they capture the eye, making everything around it look dull by comparison. All you have to do is pick up the box and it’s all yours, which is the action they want you to make.

Catch that? They put all their energy into making  you notice the action they want you to take.

So, do the same with your website!

Let me explain…

Most web designers will tell you to really color up and dazzle up everything on your website. Most direct marketers will tell you to just focus on your web copy. They both are missing something.

You should really jazz up one thing, and it’s one of the most important parts of the web copy.

The key is make everything else on your page normal (design and copy) and make the call to action REALLY stand out.

Outside of the headline, it’s the most important site element to promote.

If you have a page when you want your viewer to download a white paper, make the “download now” button big, colorful, and center of your viewers’ attention, while the rest of your site looks normal (but keep the big headline of course)

If you want them to add to cart, put all the color, highlight, and size you can on the add-to-cart button. It might make your call to action look more important. Same thing goes with an email message, but I suggest less graphics on an email because some viewers email’s do not download html images.

Even if you just want them to click on something, color that call to action up. Make it the center of attention.

Ann Holland’s tests repeatedly show positive results when sites (even google) try this out, so you should…