About ATAS

Ads That Add Sales is Som Mathur’s website for marketing professionals and businessmen.

Som has worked on all sorts of marketing projects for over 8 years. These marketing projects involved social media marketing, seo optimization, web content, response rate analysis, craigslist advertising, direct mail marketing, target market data research, budgeting marketing projects, referral campaigns, white papers, brochures, creating and implementing marketing strategies, and copywriting.

Som has the most fun overcoming obstacles, which you can get a glimpse of here…

If You’re Not Getting More Out Of Your Marketing That What You Put In, Something Has To Change!

Let’s face it, the competition gets more fierce everyday. More and more businesses are competing for the same pool of customers, and the businesses with the most effective marketing get the customers and all their sales, while the rest struggle or go out business. If your marketing doesn’t directly or indirectly lead to more sales and profits, then it’s useless, and put your business at risk.

Customers won’t buy from your store, your website, your sales reps, your coupons, or any of your marketing materials, unless they feel that they can completely trust that you’ll give them what they want.

However, by using a few good low cost marketing ideas, principles, and strategies, you can prove to your customers you have what they want and need and boost your sales. You’ll know without a doubt which of your marketing works and which doesn’t, saving countless of dollars and hours.

It’s not surprising to see a jump in responses and sales by 500% or so with these ideas, and turn a failing business into a booming one. This takes patience and testing, but the results are worth it, many times over!

If you’re worried that you’re not getting more out marketing that what you’re putting into it, then I have some news for you…

Want answers to marketing related questions and info on Ads That Add Sales Marketing Consulting? Contact me directly at Somitrm@gmail.com


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