How To REALLY Test Your Company’s Facebook or Twitter Page…

Way too many marketers and businessmen think that having the most “likes” on their company facebook page or the most followers on their twitter page is the key to social media success. The reality is very different indeed… Continue reading


How The Marketing Masters Boost Sales – A Review of “Tested Advertising Methods” By John Caples

I recommended “How To Write A Good Advertisement” by Victor Schwab to get good at copywriting. Now if you want a head start in becoming a marketing guru that eclipses all others in making sales, then absorb and apply everything in this book! Continue reading

The Best Marketing Solutions Are Between Your Ears – A Review of “Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got” By Jay Abraham

This book will completely change your marketing “world view” and any limits you think you have to increase sales. Every marketer and businessman that wants to make it big needs to read this book at least seven times… Continue reading