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This site is to help you reach your most important goal with marketing: TO INCREASE SALES PROFITABLY!

That’s it. No matter what area of marketing you’re in, no other goal in marketing is even remotely as important.

Not a better company image or ad design…

Not a  bigger “presence” or brand…

No other marketing goal else comes close!

Why? Because in any business, NOTHING good happens until there’s a sale, and here you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to deliver measured, profitable sales growth with your marketing campaigns.

My name is Som Mathur. I’ve been marketing for some time now, and I’ve used the secrets I’m about to share with amazing success. With these secrets, I’ve accomplished such amazing success in my marketing career in such short time that I didn’t think was possible until I actually went through it. I’m convinced these secrets can give just anyone the same success, and they’re not hard to learn at all…

You’ll learn what you need from the bottom up, even if you want to start a marketing career but never had any experience, and especially if you want to be a marketing manager or analyst.

If you’re a total newbie in marketing, this site is definitely for you, and will show you exactly how to get ahead of many other “experienced” and “certified” marketers fast.

If you’re already in marketing and want to learn the secrets that will propel your career ahead, this site is definitely for you.

If you’re a business owner and want to improve your marketing efforts, this site is for you.

Hell, even if you’re thinking about starting a business but have no money or capital, this site will definitely help you start one!

And, if you want to become a very effective marketing analyst that up to date with all the analytical technology that blows all of your competition out of the water, this site is IDEAL for you.

The Secret About Marketing That Can Put You Ahead of 95% of Your Competition

Which competition? Uhh let’s see… for starters, other marketers in your company, other businesses in your industry, and other  marketing candidates with MBA’s or 20+ years of experience vying for those cushy marketing jobs you want.

Yeah, that competition!

Knowing this secret, and knowing what to do about it, which you’ll learn to do here, will help you wipe the floor with over 95% of that competition!

And that’s more true today than ever before.

In fact, once I tell you this secret, and how to deal with it, you’ll know it’s true once you get exposed to just a few advertisements out there. It will be BLATANTLY obvious.

So what’s this secret? Here it is…

Most marketing campaigns out there are completely useless!

Yeah, that’s right, completely! They add no sales what-so-ever to their companies. I’d say anywhere from 90-95% of the advertising out there is a complete waste of money to their company. Some companies shell out ten of millions of dollars of ads that never work.

You know what’s worse (for them)…

Even if some of their advertising works, they have NO IDEA which ones do, and why! Company executives and marketing workers never bother to measure the results of their ads, and don’t bother figuring out how to measure what really brings in the sales!

A common refrain in business is “I know half of my advertising works. I just don’t know which half.”

It’s like they never heard of or care about a positive return on investment (ROI). By the way, that just means that for every dollar you invest in a marketing campaign, you get more than a dollar back in total sales revenue from that campaign.

So how does this secret help you in your marketing efforts, and put you ahead of 95% of your competition?

Well if you learn how to create, test, and improve marketing campaigns that actually increase sales profitably, and prove it was due to the responses from one of your campaigns or improvements, then you’ll have what it takes to get way ahead of most of other marketers and businesses in terms of profit and sales revenue, and stay ahead of them!

This site will teach you everything you need to know to start pulling that off!

While your competition is struggling to “increase product awareness” with promotions, events, nice stories, flashy packaging, or some other way to get applause but not sales, you’ll be the one making ads that add sales and profit to the bottom line! You company will grow while your competition files for bankruptcy!

How do I know this stuff works? Because these ideas have worked for successful marketing legends, and when I mean legend, I mean guys who guys-who-own-two-mansions-after-coming-from-nothing legends. These guys wrote ad copy for fun after making repeated millions (and multi-millions) from their marketing successes.

Also, I’ve used these ideas to improve my ad results when NOTHING else worked. When I tutored math, I used these ideas to make a new ad that increase sales by a whopping 500%, and repeat sales by another 400%!

Yeah, if you’re looking for explosive growth, then this is the way to get it! You’ll have a virtual “monopoly” on that growth too because your competition will never figure out what you’re doing.

The 3 Most Important Skills To Get To Be a Successful Marketer, Especially In This Recession!

This site will teach you these three vital marketing skills:

1. How To Write Ads That Buyers Act On

2. How To Track & Test Ad Campaigns

3. How To Analyze & Improve Ad Campaigns

That’s it. Just by learning and applying these three skills, you won’t believe how quickly you’ll be ahead of most other marketers, and help any company boost sales.

Don’t be fooled by their simplicity either. These skills are absolutely vital and far-reaching, so let’s get you started by going into each one in more detail…

1. How To Write Ads That Buyers Act On

This skill is also known as Copywriting. No matter what type of marketing campaign you do, whether it’s direct mail, banners, pay-per-click google ads, or even scripts for marketing videos, you need to write the words in your ad that persuade the target to buy from you and ONLY you. Here are some posts that will teach you how to pull this off:

2. How To Track & Test Ad Campaigns

There’s an old saying “When you can measure something with numbers, you know something about it”, and with marketing campaigns, you won’t know anything about how well it’s doing unless you track the responses to each step of the campaign until the actual sales. If you just have phone number to order off of an ad, and the calls are the responses you track, you’re way ahead, but it can get more complex. Also, there’s an informal rule to marketing. It’s “Always Be testing”. If you can test out different ads in a campaign, like sending half of your list one kind of ad, and the other half another ad, you can see which one works better, and you can keep testing what works and what doesn’t. Here’s some posts about how to properly track and test campaigns:

3. How Analyze & Improve Ad Campaigns

It’s not enough to measure the numbers. You also have to analyze them and use your analysis to improve your results. With the right kind of data, you can find out where most of your responses and sales are coming from, what is the profile of your best customers, what makes them buy from you, where in the campaign-to-final-sale process you lose them, understand which marketing strategies are the most likely the most profitable ways to increase their purchases, and much, much more. Here are some posts that will help you analyze and improve your ad campaigns:

The More You Learn Each Skill & How They All Work Together, The Better Results You’ll Get

If you read the books I recommend and the articles I talked about above, you’ll have an advantage over 95% of other marketers and businessmen out there, and very likely out compete them and secure yourself some serious profit.

But if you’re ready to reduce your learning curve, avoiding wasting time on marketing mistakes, get more money-making “shortcuts”, and get more leverage that will keep your profits secure, then keep coming back to this site to see new articles and programs. The more categories you visit on this site and the more post you learn from, the more you’ll keep pulling ahead in sales, profits, and promotions to better marketing jobs, while leaving your competition completely in the dark!

And I’m ready to answer your questions and enjoy your feedback. Just send me an email at


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