Past Ad Samples

I designed my own ads for my side tutoring business.  I put a lot research techniques into my ads and used more as time passed.

I put two of my better ads below, along with descriptions of the techniques and ideas used, and the success of each ad. By success I mean the increase in sales the Ad brought in. All my advertising is done online, so outside of referrals, online ads are the only way I get sales.

1) My Most Effective Tutoring Ad

I only used MS Word to make this ad! Too simple? Well this ad pulled 3 responses a week from 1 or 2 a month previously. Sales (1 hour session requests) went up 500%, repeat sales went up another 400%. That’s from a $110 month average before the ad went up! You do the math.

The ad headline is powerful. Even though you’re not taking math, you want to read more! You want to see if any of the troubles listed applied to you. The promises attached to each are specific and sensible, and with heave appeal to emotion. Parents eat this up.

This is classic Victor O Schwab copywriting, from grabbing attention to asking for action. I even told a little story too. Lots more techniques put into each line, but I say the red headline is the big attention grabber. You’d just want to keep reading. Everything in my ad is honest, and not exaggerated, which is proven by my money-back guarantee . No picture needed either.This was my most effective ad, and I have the sales record to prove it!

2) My Less-Effective-But-Still-Decent Tutoring Ad

This ad didn’t do too bad, increasing sales by about 100%. Repeat sales increased about 50%. The ad gives good reasons to get tutored from me only, but the blue is hard to read. The ad headline is very appealing, but even though the claim is true, it just seems too good to be true. Everyone I asked felt the same way about the headline, so its not just me.

There’s a great testimonial, but I’m not taking any risk with a money back guarantee of any sort. Also the headline and body do not connect really well. You may think the long copy is a problem too, but I’ve often surprised myself at how many times I read long ads of products I was interested in, so that wasn’t a problem for me.

What Do All Great Ads Have In Common?

Although each ad is far from perfect, each pulled in more sales, which is the real measure of success for ads.

Copy-writing is really salesmanship in print.

Follow this dictum and you won’t go wrong. How do you do that? Well you might find a great start here 🙂


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