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Do you need to improve your website performance as soon as possible?

Maybe you need to increase online sales, lower your bounce rate on a certain page, increase a page’s click through rate, or maybe just increase traffic to your favorite blog.

Well I’ve been digging through countless online marketing studies and tests to see what little tricks, tweaks, and page copy actually makes viewers click through to the sale, and let me tell you, the tests really shocked me!

Things I thought would work didn’t always pan out on tests, and once a minor detail that seemed so irrelevant actually made 40% difference when changed!

After seeing a lot of web marketing tests, I started noticing patterns, and decided to help other companies tweak and modify their important pages on their website based on these patterns.

And the results were fantastic! One change made 50% jump in submissions. Another reduced exit rates by 15%.  The best part is that these changes didn’t cost anything more in major graphic or programing costs!

It was amazing to see these tested tweaks significantly improve results.

Now, this doesn’t mean EVERY technique tested to work will work with EVERY other website to and increase their business (If it did, I’d make a book on it)

But certain techniques work well on some websites and online businesses while others… not so much.

So that’s why I took the time to analyze each site I made suggestions to, and do what I could to implement only the tweaks and ideas that brought results.

And I invite you to pick my brain as well…

If you think your site could use a little boost, or think there’s some barrier on your site that’s making potential customers resistant, then I’ll study your website and give you 3 tweaks, ideas, and suggestions that have been backed by tests to work, and will very likely work just as well, if not better, on your site.

Ok I know what you’re thinking “I’m not about to shell out $100 for just 3 tips like every other marketer asks for!”

Fair enough, in fact, I’m not going to even charge you $50, or even $20…

How would these 3 sales and traffic enhancing tips for just $5?

Yes, $5.00. Nothing more.


Because, I want you to try my techniques out, and see for yourself how much of difference these subtle changes make.

I’m so sure you’ll be satisfied with the results that I’ll even throw in a 60 day money-back guarantee, just so you have enough time to observe what kind of results you get.

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